ACB Board of Directors Board Meeting August 31, 2021 Resolutions P:art One

Episode Notes

Please Note that the beginning of the meeting was not recorded and the meeting was later interrupted again several minutes in.

The recording in this podcast contains the full agenda.

2021 ACB Resolutions Part 1: Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, August 31, 2021 8:00PM EDT
1. Call to Order: Dan Spoone, President
2. Roll Call and Introduction of Guests: Denise Colley, Secretary
3. Review and Approval of Agenda: Dan Spoone, President
4. Mission Moment: Dan Spoone and Eric Bridges
ACB First Virtual Remote Elections: Nancy, Rick, Deb, Patrick, Jeff, Koni, Voting Task Force Committee, John, Frank, Betsy, Janelle, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Denise Irminger (Parliamentarian) and our ACB members that engaged in the democratic process to vote!
5. President’s Announcements: Dan Spoone
A. ACB Fall Board Meeting in Omaha – Virtual?
B. ACB Budget Committee Nominating Requested – Vote on members in September meeting
C. Resolutions and Voting Task Forces 2.0 will be announced at Fall Board Meeting
D. Update on 2022 DC Leadership Conference
E. ACB Committee Member Solicitation
F.  Personal Health Update
6. Appointment of Public Relations Committee Chair: Nominations from the board
7. Review and Approval Of 2021 ACB Resolutions Part 1: Each Resolution Requires Board Approval
A. Resolution 2021-02 – Apple Updates
B. Resolution 2021-03 – The Inaccessibility of the Pentair ScreenLogic Connect App for Pools and Spas
C. Resolution 2021-11 – PBS audio descriptive content
D. Resolution 2021-12 – Accessible Telehealth
E. Resolution 2021-13 – DOT air travel forms
F. Resolution 2021-15 – Recognizing the American Foundation for the Blind in Light of Its Centennial
G. Resolution 2021-16 – Accessible programs at the VA
H. Resolution 2021-22 – Text-to-Speech and the Voicing of Audio Description
I. Resolution 2021-23 – Conference Requirements for Accessible Materials
J. Resolution 2021-24 – ACB Permanent Broadband Benefit Resolution
K. Resolution 2021-25 – Accommodations Provided to Olympic and Paralympic Athletes with Disabilities
L. Resolution 2021-33 – Teddie-Joy’s Law
M. Resolution 2021-35 – e-reader Prioritization for deaf-blind patrons
8. Officer and Board Committee Updates (As Needed)
9.  Adjourn

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