20210831 – People Of Vision – Week 13. 130001.

ACB History buffs, wow! This is such a momentous and historical event on behalf of the blind and democracy. We are now into chapter 7, Part Three, ACB: The First 40 Years. Please grab a copy of this book, People of Vision: A History of the American Council of the Blind, by Janes J. Megivern and Marjorie L. Megivern, copyright 2003 by the American Council of the Blind. It is available on BARD, through BookShare, and for purchase on a thumb drive from the ACB Mini Mall. Chapter 7 will take about three hours to read, and like Chapter 6, is packed with events, changes, and additions. I was not aware that the ACB began as an individual membership organization. Did you know that Oklahoma was its first state affiliate? Come and join us for a lively discussion. There are plans to access live recordings of speeches and events for us to hear at a later date and time. I am appreciative of all who are working to update and add to the knowledge of ACB history and the history of the blind in America and beyond. For more reading, Bernice Kandarian and Larry Gassman provided the following information. The website with the complete information of the founding of the ACB is: https://bit.ly/3jPdiyj