Ep 25 Writing Works Wonders

Show Notes Short Story Workshop

Co-hosts: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

Don’t miss this extra dose of motivation, as our writers build their writing muscles! Join Cheryl and Kathy for more writing exercises. This episodes focus on short stories, flash fiction, and micro-fiction. Follow along and enjoy the activities with us as you listen to this episode of Writing Works Wonders! Learning, laughing, and much fun!

If you have questions, reach out to us- email, social media, phone or text message- we are here!

  • What are the Elements of a Short Story?
  • And how do we sharpen our skills for the 52 Words Contest?

We have seceral activities to test and build your mettle!

By the way, we are crazy enough to use these ideas in one writing activity- Friday the 13th, National Kool Aid Day, Blame Someone Else day, and Left-handers day. We will try our hand incorporating these in our writing activities.

There are several more in the show as well!

Knock! Knock! It’s opportunity!

• Writing prompts delivered via email https://bit.ly/WWWZoom
• Exactly 52 Words Contest details https://bit.ly/WWWContest

Valuable Episode Resources

Listening to Short Stories

  • EscapeArtists has four different series available
  • 1 Science Fiction – Escapepod
  • 2 Fantasy PodCastle
  • 3 Horror- Pseudopod
  • 4 Young Adult- Cast of Wonders
  • Selected Shorts- NPR
  • The Moth- NPR
  • Ellerqueen Magazine- Mysteries NLS/BARD Talking Books

Submitting Short Stories

  • EscapeArtists.net has four different series available
  • 1 Science Fiction – Escapepod
  • 2 Fantasy PodCastle
  • 3 Horror- Pseudopod
  • 4 Young Adult- Cast of Wonders
  • The Moth- NPR
  • Ellerqueen Magazine- mysteries NLS/BARD Talking Books

Short Story Writing Tips

  • Writers’ Digest
  • The Writer Magazine – NLS, BARD, Talking Books
  • Writing Works Wonders offers
  • Writing prompts, contests, Open Mic events, & more
  • Workshop episodes on developing characters in writing projects.
  • Our Author Resource page is full of helpful content for writers

Writing Opportunities

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