20210828 – our ACB Community is hosting our 5,000th event – 170015.

Celebrate ACB Community’s 5,000th Event:

Can you believe it? Our ACB community began on March 17 with two calls that week. Today we celebrate our five thousandth event. Please join us to share what Community means to you, email your thoughts, or do both. Here are some questions to ponder. How did you learn about our community events and when did you attend your first one? How often are you able to participate in ACB community events and if you had to pick your top three, which would they be? How have ACB Community events impacted your life during the Covid-19 pandemic and what does the ACB Community mean to you? Email your responses to [email protected] and please join us in our celebration of five thousand events. Community: Safe, Respectful, Welcoming, and it belongs to all of us!

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