20210721 – An evening with ACB: Creating financial literacy

~~An Evening With ACB: Panel on Increasing Financial Literacy:
Financial issues touch every aspect of our lives. The more we can learn about successfully navigating this whole area of interest, the more successful we can become in handling various financial matters that contribute to our independence. Although we could never hope to fully handle this subject in one panel session, we presented a sampling of topics we believe will be of interest and assistance to convention attendees.
♦ Brian Charlson, Watertown, MA, an expert in the area of credit through his work on the Structured Negotiation on Credit Report Accessibility, shared this expertise with us and presented a discussion of the importance of knowing your credit status, and how to obtain and utilize your free and accessible credit reports from the three major credit bureaus. All financial literacy starts with credit, and Brian will tell us just what we need to know about it to make it work for us.
♦ Judy Dixon, Arlington VA, our resident expert in iOS-related photography, stretched our comfort zones by demonstrating the techniques she uses to allow a totally blind person to deposit a check into her bank account using only her iPhone.
♦ Kelly Ford, a brilliant trainer, answer man, and problem solver from Microsoft’s Enterprise Disability Answer Desk, Madison, WI, is adept at all things Excel. Kelly shared information on pivot tables and data types, two awesome and exciting features that are accessible and will allow us to track our expenses and get stock-related information using some cool Excel techniques.

  • Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 21~~
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