20210720 – Content creators cafe

~~Content Creators Café:
 Attendees joined a diverse group ofcontent creator panelists to learn the ins and outs of content creation! The world of social media content is ever changing, and new trends come up virtually every day, so this was a do not miss event! The panelists delved into every aspect of the creation process from a blind and visually impaired perspective. Everything from the process of curating the content itself as well as the assistive and mainstream technology solutions utilized to get this content out into the world was covered!
 ♠Steven Salas, Content Creator, Podcaster and Chair of the ACB Next Generation Public Relations Committee, Austin, TX
♠ Chris Peterson, Podcaster, Richfield, MN
♠ Amy Wilson, TikTok and Content Creator
Co-sponsored by: ACB Next Gen, BITS, FIA and IVIE

  • Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 20~~
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