20210718 – Using Clubhouse, Tick Tock and WhatsApp messenger

~~BPI: Using Clubhouse, TikTok and WhatsApp:
People are talking: what drives your voice? Facebook and Twitter were once the reigning social giants. The networking landscape has changed significantly. Newer applications like TikTok and clubhouse are clamoring with new forms of social expression and conversation. WhatsApp has also shaped the way we communicate with one another over the past few years. With all the social networking noise, how do you find the right volume for you? This roundtable discussion, we’ll hear from three members of our community shared their favorite platforms that amplify their voices. Attendees joined BPI for a discussion that expanded their social networking horizons.
☻ Leah Gardner, Oakland, CA
☻ Byron Lee, Minneapolis, MN

  • Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 18~~
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