20210717 – 411 from the IAC: Braille notetaking devices versus mainstream products

~~411 from the IAC –
Part 1: Braille Notetaking Devices Versus Mainstream Products:
 Can a blind person be as effective using a mainstream product like an iPhone or are braille notetakers still the way to go in this space? Peter Tucic from HumanWare and Greg Stilson, American Printing House for the Blind discussed the HumanWare BI line of products and the Mantis. This was a lively discussion with some tips and tricks for both types of users.
♥ Peter Tucic, HumanWare, Brand Ambassador, Chicago, IL
♥ Greg Stilson, Head of Global Innovation, American Printing house for the Blind, Madison, WI

  • Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 17~~
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