Ep 22 Writing Works Wonders

Show Notes for Success Submitting Your Writing!

Featured: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

Whether you are submitting your writing to a contest, grant competition, book publisher, anthology, magazine, or journal we have you covered!

Discover invaluable answers and advice to these urgent questions:

  • How do I increase my chances of success?
  • How do I find contests/ publications/publishers in my genre?
  • Why do I need to follow author guidelines?
  • Is proofreading required?
  • What is the publishing process?
  • What do editors really want authors to do?
  • When is the Writing Works Wonders contest beginning?

Contest & Publication Resources

  • Visit our website for the most updated lists
  • Writing Contest sources listed at Writing Works Wonders.

Contact Information:

Let’s Get Social!

Cheryl McNeil Fisher – Author, Keynote Speaker, Educator and Coach. Seminars and Workshops Adults and Children. https://www.cherylmcneilfisher.com/ Submit your work for publication on our site. Guest blogging, poetry, short stories at: https://www.livinginspiredfullyeveryday.com/

Dr. Kathleen P. King– Author, Author Coach, Speaker & Professor (Ret.). http://www.transformationed.com/ Interested in technology and adult learning? Check out Dr. King’s newest book from Wiley: http://bit.ly/King2017

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