Ep 21 Writing Works Wonders

Show Notes for Podcasting for Authors

Featured: Kathy King is Center Stage
Co-hosts: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

Benefits of podcasts for authors? What are they, how can you do it? Can you podcast if you are blind or low vision? Absolutely, listen to how Kathy and Cheryl accomplish it! Why podcasts versus upload audio to websites? Steps to get started and where will you “travel” as a podcaster?

How and why did Writing Works Wonders start podcasting? We were a Zoom call, then we started podcasting! Why did we do it and how do we do it as authors who are visually impaired?

Kathy’s podcasting technical and hosting experience began in 2005. She had several podcasts in 2005-2010 which spanned hundreds of hours and many millions of listens.

BONUS: Cheryl and Kathy share multiple ideas about how authors may use podcasts to cultivate their followers and reader audience.

More about Kathy King

Dr. Kathy King not only has vast experience in podcasting, but also is an award winning author and editor publishing over 30 books and 200+ articles/papers. She is a retired professor of instructional technology and adult learning. As a series editor with Information Age Publishing and in her private coaching, she guides authors through the writing and publishing processes. “Kathy” is a popular keynote and conference speaker, mentor, and writing consultant. As a professor for 30+ years, she was a researcher, administrator, and educator.

In 2019, Kathy began her journey with vision loss. A small, silent stroke (NAION – an optic nerve condition) left her with low vision. At this point, she was unable to read or see a computer screen. In 2021, another rare episode of NAION reduced her sight further. Although she is now legally blind, Kathy enjoys writing, virtual volunteering, podcasting, public speaking, and coaching authors.

Podcasting Notes

Pearl necklace comparison. Each episode is the pearl. They are all linked together into the feed.
That feed automates distribution of the episodes to thee podcast directories

Look for the Writing Works Wonders forthcoming book and tutorials on Podcasting.

Can I podcast if I’m blind or low vision? Absolutely, listen to how Kathy and Cheryl accomplish it!

Simple Podcasting Equipment

Steps involved

  1. Podcast platform/host (we use Pinecast)
  2. Content decisions
  3. Record audio file
  4. Edit audio file
  5. Upload to podcast platform (#1)
  6. Add title and shownotes
  7. Save
  8. (Automatic distribution to podcast applications)

One -Time Setup Only

Author Podcast Topics!
Cheryl and Kathy share multiple ideas to cultivate your followers and reader audience

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