20210730 – VISAbilities – individual electronic voting, what’s next, and What will happen during the August 14 meeting. -1859.

Whether you are 18 or 81, have been a member for 60 years or just joined ACB, you are invited to participate. Now that we have all experienced individual electronic voting, what’s next? What will happen during the August 14 meeting? How can you let your feelings and concerns be known. What can you do to help?  These and many other questions will be covered in this very special meeting.  ACB President Dan Spoone; John Huffman and Ray Campbell from the Constitution and Bylaws Committee; and Jeff Thom, Pat Sheehan, and Koni Sims of the voting taskforce will all be on-hand to explore and chart the best road map forward to achieve full participation at future conventions in elections, amendments, and resolutions – ACB’s guideposts to progress. Your input is wanted and needed. They will explain the special motion that took place at this year’s convention and make us all more ready for the meeting on August 14th.

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