Ep 17 Writing Works Wonders

Show Notes

Guest: Patrick Taylor
Format: Discussion with Participants
Co-hosts: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

Don’t miss this stellar event—master storyteller, Patrick Taylor, discusses writing and his New York Times best-selling books with Writing Works Wonders hosts and audience. We turned the author’s lounges into a virtual pub in honor of his Irish Country Doctor series complete with Irish music.

This episode is Part 2 of Dr. Taylor’s visit with Writing Works Wonders. Get ready for more discoveries and learning! In his discussion with the participants, Patrick demonstrates his quick humor, appreciate of his readers, and understanding of the needs of develooing writers. Enjoy the abundance of laughter and insight for readers and writers alike.
<h4>Part 2 – Discussion among Dr. Taylor & Participants</h4>
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More about Patrick Taylor
Dr. Patrick Taylor, M.D., was brought up in Bangor, Northern Ireland, and received his medical education in Ulster. He initially practised in a rural Ulster village akin to Ballybucklebo before taking specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. After living in Belfast through the first two years of the recent Irish Troubles (1969-1994) he and his family emigrated to Canada where he pursued a career in medical research and teaching in the field of human infertility. His contributions have been honoured with three lifetime achievement awards including the Lifetime Award of Excellence of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society.

He is well known for his humorous, historical fiction series, The Irish Country Doctor. However, beyond the beloved village and characters of Ballybucklebo, North Ireland, he published over 170 scientific papers and six textbooks. And for ten years, (1991-2001) he was editor-in-chief of the Canadian Obstetrics and Gynaecology journal. In this interview, he shares how his life in North Ireland, medical career, an early medical humor column informed his popular books. Patrick has also authored two more novels and short story anthologies.

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