ACB Braille Forum for July 2021

Table of Contents

  • President’s Message: Celebrating Fellowship and Welcoming in the Olympics at the 2021 ACB Convention, by Dan Spoone
  • Accessing the Virtual Convention, by Janet Dickelman
  • Continuing Education and Professional Development with ACB, by Carla Ruschival
  • It’s Not Too Late to Get Moving Together with ACB, by Katie Frederick
  • The Mini Mall Minute, by Carla Ruschival
  • Don’t Forget MMS, by Jean Mann
  • Summary of the April 29, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting, by Penny Reeder
  • Let’s Go Fishing!, by Dr. Ron Milliman
  • Twenty-Five Years of Learning, by Carl Jarvis
  • Beyond My Perception, by Kenneth Semien Sr.
  • Here and There, edited by Cynthia G. Hawkins
  • ACB Officers, ACB Board of Directors, ACB Board of Publications
  • Accessing Your ACB Braille and E-Forums
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