S1E55 – 20210706-1859. Tuesday Topics Your Dreams for ACB. Paul Edwards.

On Tuesday Topics this week, I would like to do some dreaming while we are awake! ACB is working in lots of areas now! However, there may well be an area that you would like to see our organization concentrate on. What might that be? Maybe you would like more particularity on an issue that ACB is already working on! Perhaps you think there is a huge gap with an issue that ACB really needs to focus on! In any case, what we are interested in on Tuesday Topics is your notion of what our priority issue in ACB ought to be. We will explore your ideas and talk about how best to make them happen! ACB is your organization! What do you want it to be doing?

What I am hoping will happen is that we will come up with a list of priorities during our first hour. During our second we will talk about how good the ideas are and what we need to do to make them happen! A new direction is no good unless it works so it will be fun to explore how to turn dreams into reality!

Find out more at https://acb-tuesday-topics.pinecast.co

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