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Thinking about where we have come from and how far we have come, there is so much to celebrate. It all started in Boston in 1775 and, while nary a man (or woman) is still alive, we have continued to thrive and celebrate what they accomplished. Come share your fondest 4th of July weekend memories and plans for this one. Whether it was at summer camp; a clam bake on your favorite beach; a pool party; or visiting one of our national parks; we all have at least one fun way to mark the beginning or the summer season. For me, it was fireworks and bon fires on the beach. What’s yours? We may even jog your memories with some golden oldies and favorite classic movies. Just come and enjoy yourself with us.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this group is for peer support only. It is not a therapy group nor will it be facilitated by a health care professional and does not purport to provide mental health services
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