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Author’s Clinic: Kindle Publishing with Seamus King

Cohosts: Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Kathy King

How do you improve your reach and final product with the KDP? We want to help demystify and improve the Kindle publishing process for indie authors. This quick, essential and action oriented Author Clinic from Writing Works Wonders! provides the inside scoop.

What are the KDP steps? Why would you outsource some of the process? How do you find experts to assist? Give us less than 15 minutes, and author, editor, publisher, Seamus King will deliver the answers to these and more questions .

Topics discussed include choices and strategies for authors regarding

  • Kindle publishing
  • The overall process
  • Decision points and options
  • How specialist can help you better achieve goals.

Seamus King is an author and editor, and he is a co-founder of the independent publishing house Jazz House Publications. Based in Seattle, WA, Jazz House Publications is dedicated to uplifting underrepresented voices from around the world. To date, Jazz House Publications has published over 40 authors in six anthologies and two novellas.

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June 18- Best-selling author interview-Patrick Taylor Author of the Irish Country Doctor series!

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Cheryl McNeil Fisher – Author, Keynote Speaker, Educator and Coach. Seminars and Workshops Adults and Children. https://www.cherylmcneilfisher.com/ Submit your work for publication on our site. Guest blogging, poetry, short stories at: https://www.livinginspiredfullyeveryday.com/

Dr. Kathleen P. King– Author, Author Coach, Speaker & Professor (Ret.). http://www.transformationed.com/ Interested in technology and adult learning? Check out Dr. King’s newest book from Wiley: http://bit.ly/King2017

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