S1E52 – Tuesday Topics June 8, 2021 Resolutions. Mitch Pomerantz, Mark Richert, Gabe Griffith, with Paul Edwards.

Tuesday Topics – Resolutions:

Paul Edwards’ first ACB convention was in 1984. While he thinks he would have come regardless of the offer made to him by Grant Mack, who was then President of ACB, it certainly helped to make his decision. Mr. Mack had come to Florida where Paul was in charge of resolutions and offered him $100 to come to Philadelphia and chair resolutions. Paul says, “I had no idea what I was getting into but, if you join us next Tuesday, you will hear some of the things that happened. I am hoping that some of the folks who used to be part of resolutions will join us. We will tell some stories of what resolutions used to be like. In addition, we will talk about what resolutions are; how they get written; what makes a good resolution; and what makes a bad one! I will encourage some of you who come to actually be a part of writing a resolution. Obviously, I and others may be up there to help you get resolutions right, but we will also show how resolutions can go wrong. If you operate with some simple rules, resolutions are pretty easy to write. What are they? Do resolutions have to be long? Tune in and find out!”

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