S1E50 – tuesday Topics May 25, 2021 Gerard Williams of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will talk about his role as a 504 officer with Paul Edwards.

Tuesday Topics will welcome Gerard Williams who will be talking about his role at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a 504 officer. He will also be talking about the initiative being undertaken by the FCC to create more broadband access. He is not an attorney and does not have the authority to answer legal questions, for the most part. I am looking forward to seeing what a 504 officer does and how what he does relates to people who are blind, have low vision or are blind with secondary disabilities such as hearing impairments.

During the second hour, we will talk about some pending FCC issues. There is currently opportunity to comment on where we are with the CVAA which passed in 2010. What kind of changes is it realistic for us to look for with the act. The FCC is interested in knowing what regulations we would like to see changed. Congress would need to change the law if we want to make changes that go beyond the parameters of the current law. How well has emergency communications worked for us during the pandemic? Both the NFB and ACB strongly support the need for the use of the SAP (secondary Audio Program) channel for communicating with people who are blind or have low vision during times of emergency. Was this facility used much during the pandemic in your area? Did you feel that there was a lot of conformation that was being communicated visually about the pandemic that was not being made available to people who are blind or have low vision? We will explore these and other audio description questions during our second hour!

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