Building the accessible Snap Circuits FM Model 12 Radio Kit, Starring Reg George and Frank Cuta

Episode Notes

WCB Unleashed brings you another exciting show.
From Frank Cuta: One of my favorite Snap Circuits projects is the SC-12 FM radio. If you like the tech look, the resulting radio looks like something that was built in a research lab, and it is totally accessible. You can find it on Amazon for $40, and you can assemble it in as little as a half an hour with the recorded audible instructions that I can send you.
For more information, write to me at [email protected].

From Reginald George: I took Frank up on his challenge to build this radio, and though it took me over an hour, instead of the promised half hour, the podcast you see here is the result. It was a lot of fun. Frank’s recorded instructions guide me through the steps and keep things lively as I fumble my way through. By the time it was over I felt like I had been speaking to and arguing with an imaginary friend. Any mistakes I made were strictly my own. Maybe this can inspire you or your child to delve into electronics and try something similar. No tools required! Even a child can do it, and they will probably do it much more quickly than I did. So please enjoy my unboxing and journey through this kit, and keep listening to see if I actually succeed.
A big thanks as always goes out to the American council of the Blind, , our producer Zack Hurtz, and all those who provided  legal music for this podcast. You may write to us at [email protected].

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