Virtual Escape Room Experience with Frank Cuta

WCB Newsline Unleashed Presents: FrankCuta’s Virtual Escape Room Simulation

This is an audio simulation of an escape room. The purpose is to give a blind person an understanding of the basic escape room structure, and the associated problem solving experience. Our team consisted of a small group of WCB members who participated in a conference call. They will remain unnamed because the point was to escape! Your challenge is to figure it out before we do.

In downtown Richland Washington, and many other cities around the world, you can pay to enter a real escape room. You are locked in with the members of your team and faced with the challenge of working through several mutually interdependent puzzles in order to
“break out.” The exercise is designed to force the team to work together. Many companies use this kind of service as a team building resource.

In the physical example above, or even in a computer simulation of an escape room, the team members are forced to split up and break the problem into pieces, or they run out of time. In my simple simulation, splitting up is not possible. The group needs to stick together and solve the puzzles one at a time. However, the problem interdependence is still there, and solutions to one puzzle will be needed to make progress on other puzzles.

The ideas for this simulation are all my own. Although I have incorporated
structural ideas from many other sources.

Note: The theme of this particular escape room is cars and science fiction, but its OK. Don’t let that scare you away. If you do not know anything about these subjects, we will still let you out before you run out of air.

Frank Cuta

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