Ep 1 Writing Works Wonders: Advancing Beyond Barriers

Show Notes

Character Development – Part One

Co-hosts; Cheryl McNeil Fisher and Dr. Kathleen P. King

Many different areas to choose from, but one which requires a lot of work, focus, and organization is character development.

1- Name generators or purposeful name choice
2- Character tables/charts to Document, organize and guide the development of details of your characters, and keep them straight!!

Have you read books with inconsistencies? For instance, unless your character dyes his Hair: Its color can’t suddenly change colors from scene the scene.

Today, we will use some fun prompts to flesh out a character of your choice.

1- Think about what you would like to write or you have in progress. It might be any genre- fantasy, biography, history, mystery, etc.

2- Next, Identify one of your characters .. write down his or her name. If you don’t already have such a character, choose a name and basic identity. Like, Catherine the engineer, or Sherlock the detective.

3- Who would like to share the name and identity they will work on today?

4- PROMPTS Likes, dislikes and why- Describe one thing your character likes and the reason. Then list one thing they dislike and the reason. A strength or Extraordinary ability- List and describe one strength or Extraordinary ability of your character. Then briefly name the formative events that led to its development or discovery ** Physical characteristics— Imagine you’re meeting your character for the first time. Write a description of his or her physical characteristics and one mannerism you observe.

Author Resources for Character Building *** VERY DETAILED CHART https://www.epiguide.com/ep101/writing/charchart.html

*** BRIEF Free Novel Writing Worksheets (PDF). https://www.novel-software.com/bookwritingworksheets

*** The Character Therapist: Learn more about your characters by putting them on the couch? http://charactertherapist.com/

More ***
One Stop For Writers’ Extensive Checklist and Tip Sheet collection: All of One Stop’s popular checklists on all areas of writing craft are now hosted on a public page of the site! Download and print for your own use, or share them online. https://onestopforwriters.com/image_tips

Suggestions from Participants:
1- App called Story Spark
2- Scrivener – https://www.scrivener.com

This show was originally broadcast on a zoom conference through American Council of the Blind’s ACB Media Community channel.

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