Diversity & Leadership

Episode Description

On this week’s episode of the ACB Advocacy Update, ACB Director of Advocacy & Governmental Affairs Clark Rachfal speaks with a plethora of ACB leaders regarding our ongoing efforts to make ACB a more representative and inclusive community while providing greater opportunities for future leaders. First, Clark is joined by Multicultural Affairs Committee (MCAC) Chair Peggy Garrett and MCAC Committee member Michael Garrett to discuss the intersection of diversity and disability. Then, as we discuss the organizational supports available to ACB members, Clark introduces Durward K. McDaniel Fund (DKM) Committee Chair Kenneth Semien and DKM Committee member Zelda Gebhard to share how the DKM Committee increases leadership opportunities, including the DKM First Timers’ Award and the JPMorgan Chase Leadership Fellows program. Applications for these two opportunities is April 5, 2021.

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