GDUI Juno Report for January, 2021

The January episode of the GDUI Juno report is now airing on ACB Radio Mainstream, see schedule below.

This month we feature content from last week’s ACB Advocacy call regarding implementation of the newly adopted regulations on air travel and service animals. This informative presentation will bring you up to date with what is known about how airlines will implement the regulations. Stay tuned for more updates as well.

The GDUI Juno report airs on ACB Radio Mainstream on:

Thursdays— 4 and 7 AM/PM;

Sunday — 9PM;

Monday— 12AM, 9AM, and 12PM.

The podcast will be available mid month. A direct link to the podcast feed is:

To subscribe in iTunes:

Ask Alexa or Siri to play the GDUI Juno report podcast. Note that for this to work on your I device, you must have apple Podcasts installed, but you do not have to be subscribed to listen.

If you have suggestions for future content, please share them via email: [email protected] Suggestions are always welcome, but right now they’re really appreciated to keep Juno coming each month.

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