S1E26 – Tuesday Topics with Paul Edwards: Being Partially Sighted, Low Vision in ACB

There is an old saying that says: “a one-eyed man is king in the country of the blind.” Only ten percent of those who are legally blind are totally blind according to statistics I have seen. In ACB, how are partials doing? Are they represented in proportion to their numbers? If not, why not? Do the issues facing people with some usable vision get enough attention in our resolutions or in our policy efforts? Should we be doing more to encourage the participation of people with some vision?
These are just some of the questions that we explore in this episode of Tuesday Topics. David Trott, Treasurer of ACB and one of the few partially sighted Board members is joined by my co-host Rick Morin who also has functioned for much of his life with good usable vision are on the panel.

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