S1E8 – Tuesday Topics with Paul Edwards: Sara Conrad, Patient Advocate

This week on Tuesday Topics our guest is Sara Conrad. She is not only a member of the the ACB Board but also works as a patient advocate. This means she must coordinate services for patients and must also work to make sure that the treatment that is received in a hospital is both effective and appropriate. How are blind people being treated in hospitals? How has the pandemic affected their treatment? What if blind people are the caregivers for others who are in hospitals? Sara! and I will discuss these questions and many others and you will have a chance to raise your issues during our show. It is frightening to be ill! It is frightening to be alone during a pandemic in a hospital which may well be too preoccupied with other issues to be concerned much about your blindness.

Find out more at https://acb-tuesday-topics.pinecast.co

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