S1E23 – Tuesday Topics with Paul Edwards: Lee Nasehi, Ellie Dupre

At our ACB convention this year there was a short presentation at our General session from Lee Nasehi, chair of the Vision Serve Alliance. If you didn’t hear her presentation, you will get a chance to learn much more about an organization which is in the process of reinventing itself. At its heart, the Alliance is an association of private agencies that serve people who are blind. Lee will tell us about some of the new initiatives that Vision Serve is working on. Also on our panel will be Ellie Dupre, who is Executive Director of Florida Agencies Serving the Blind (FASB). She will describe what that organization is all about and will also tell us about some exciting new initiatives that FASB is working on.
At the heart of things, this show is about how private agencies are doing serving people who are blind. What is new? How can ACB and our affiliates help make things better? How do we deal with the looming crisis of serving seniors who are blind? I

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