ACB Braille Forum for January, 2020

Table of Contents

President’s Message: New Year’s Resolutions, by Dan Spoone

2020 Tours in Schaumburg, by Janet Dickelman

Lights, Camera, Action! Apply to Become a 2020 Recipient of the DKM First-Timers Award, by Kenneth Semien Sr.

Call for Nominees for 2020 ACB Awards, by Deb Trevino and Debbie Rozear

The BOP Seeks to Award Excellence, by Deb Cook Lewis

SMART, SMARTER, or SMARTEST: What Kind of Goals Would You Like to Achieve?, by Linda Bolle

Limitless Learning, by Sue Lichtenfels

It’s Funny How Jokes, Humor Work, by Larry P. Johnson

Summary of ACB Board of Directors Conference Calls, by Deb Cook Lewis

MMS Wants You, by Jean Mann

Affiliate News

Involving At-Large Members, compiled by Ardis Bazyn

Here and There, edited by Sharon Strzalkowski

High Tech Swap Shop

ACB Officers

ACB Board of Directors

ACB Board of Publications

Accessing Your ACB Braille and E-Forums

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