Pride Connection – Making Gay History; Lessons in Advocacy from the LGBTQ Community

Episode Notes

BPI partnering with Eric Marcus of Making Gay History and Miss Debbie Grubb present the first of 4 informative sessions.

Hosted by Gabriel Lopez Kafati (current BPI president and ACB Board member) this session will focus on major voices of LGBTQ advocacy; what made them stand out, working within and out of the systems and how they inspired over 50 years of strident advocacy.

Lessons of Advocacy from the LGBTQ Community. Our guest for this
presentation is Eric Marcus, moderator of the podcast, Making Gay History.
He will share with us his insights and experiences from the front lines from
when and where it all began. We will hear the voices of many of the pioneers
of the movement from his archives.
Let’s learn together from their history to teach and awaken in the blindness
community how to use our anger balanced with our sense of doing the right
for the cause to move us forward from a place, of impotent anger, into a
place of positive, unified action toward the end of making our common
rights, goals and needs recognized, understood and achieved. Let’s use this
history of a group of individuals who risked it all to build a bridge upon
which they continue to march into the light and dignity of full inclusion
into American society, recognition of their diversity, their freedom of
choice and their civil right to equality of opportunity to achieve their own
unique visions of the American Dream. . After all, isn’t this what we want?
Isn’t this what we have the right to?

Eric will share with us the voices of many who in his words; “Made Good Trouble” and after the presentation we will discuss how what they stood for and accomplished can help us “Make Good Trouble”

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