Pride Connection Presents – Catching up with Rosemary Ketchum

Episode Notes

This week Anthony and Gabriel speak with council woman, activist and West Virginia’s first ever trans representative.

From language to identity, Don’t Say Gay and how the light shined on these horrific bills may actually help move our communities forward and so much more.

We spoke with Rosemary a little over a year ago and it was such an incredible conversation that we decided to reach out again and ask representative Ketchum for her thoughts on the direction our community is taking in response to these bills around the country and her own journey through identity and finding her way as a community organizer and now representative from the great state of West Virginia.

Our conversation with Rosemary is not only informative but inspirational.

Pride Connection airs on ACB Media 1 every Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern and can be found wherever you get your podcasts right after.

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