Pride Connection Presents: Changing Attitudes Towards the LGBTQ Community

Episode Notes

Tonight, Blind LGBT Pride International partners with Bold Blind Beauty to present this fascinating topic. Bold Blind Beauty is a group that strives to find the beauty of living with low or no vision.

This discussion surrounds ideas and attitudes towards LGBTQ, gender non-binary, gender fluidity and other aspects of our community.

We discuss the differences in generations on having grown up with messaging around LGBTQ community and topics. We also talked about how growing up with a new messaging has shaped different ideas towards LGBTQ topics from the community at large.

We focused on the transgender community; on how its members have become targets of violence; and how this has led to activism. In this sense, we pointed out what messaging other communities can take from this activism to help advance the rights of other marginalized groups.

The interns periences growing up with a new messaging; witnessing loved ones coming out; and how all of this has shaped their acceptance of the LGBTQ community.

Plus in a bonus segment, BPI members Chris Snyder and Byron Lee teach us the meaningful terms of the LGBTQ community. Byron also slipped in a song called Everything Possible written by Fred Small and performed by The Flirtations.

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