Pride Connection Presents: Devin Fernandez

Episode Notes

Pride Connection was happy to chat with Devin Fernandez founder of Third Eye Insight Fitness for the Blind. Where they offer a world of different fitness activities. Not only do they offer Marshall Arts, self-defense, mediation classes but they also set up plenty of fun activities such as horse-back riding, kayaking, fishing charters, etc. If you live near Long Island and are interested please visit them at:

His bio:

Devin Fernandez was first diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa in 2000, as he wrestled with the implications of this life-altering disease, he knew, despite moments of despair, that this was an opportunity for learning and growing.

Devin Fernandez has been a practitioner of the Martial Arts specifically Ninpo Ninjutsu for over seventeen years. He has a keen sense of how vital an active lifestyle is for physical, mental and spiritual health. He also has a strong sense of service, and understands what it means to give back to his community. Navigating his way through social services for the blind, he discovered a lack of opportunities for fitness activities that engaged this underserved community that he was now a part of. Wanting to integrate his martial arts, yoga, and meditation expertise, and his experience with the gift of service; Devin Fernandez, along with Sister, Kim Fernandez, launched Third Eye Insight.

In 2010, after forming a non-profit organization to bring fitness classes to the blind and visually impaired, Third Eye Insight (TEI) opened its doors.

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