Pride Connection Presents – Harvey Miller Part 2

Episode Notes

Wasn’t I right? How can you not be motivated by hearing Harvey Miller’s story Listen to Pride Connection this Tuesday April, 12 at 10 pm. EST on ACB Radio Mainstream and hear the rest of the story.

In this part of our conversation hear to whom and how Harvey came out. Learn how a road trip with a friend lead him to a once in a lifetime find. You will be totally impressed hearing how Harvey made it around every obstacle put in his way to get started on the work he was committed to do.

Learn more about Louis Braille and his students who used Braille’s system of music notation for the blind. I could not imagine being a student at the Paris Conservatory for the Blind and dealing with the inadequacies of the facilities during the mid-nineteenth century.

Find out how Dr. Miller used his lap top computer and syllabus, a music notation soft wear program which allows a blind musician to create printed music for the sighted musician to play. This project took over a decade to complete and gives Harvey yet one more title. Music Archivist. All because he stopped at the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky. There are musical examples to tweak the ear of the discerning listener. Please join us this Tuesday for Pride Connection at 10 EST on ACB Radio Mainstream.

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