Pride Connection Presents – Harvey Miller Part 1

Episode Notes

Do you need a hit of motivation during this relentless time of pandemic? Maybe a little nudge to get you out of that recliner and do something productive? I can get it for you on the cheap. All you have to do is listen to Pride Connection Tuesday April 6 at 10 p.m. EST on ACB Radio Mainstream. Tune in and listen to the first part of an interview of Harvey Miller done by Dwayne Estes. Harvey was born with low vision and was told he would not lose the sight he had and relied on. Later in life he did lose his sight completely.

Hear about Dr. Miller’s early life in Salisbury, North Carolina and his beginning experiences with formal education. Learn about the ten years Harvey spent at the North Carolina School for the Blind and how he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Although it caused quite a stir amongst the faculty he did land a position as a music instructor at Brevard College in Brevard North Carolina. While teaching at Brevard College he managed to earn a Doctoral of Musical Arts degree from Indiana University.

Harvey’s compositions have been performed world wide. He spent thirty years teaching at Brevard College as well as teaching classes Harvey conducted the college choir. Somehow he fit in being concert master for the Ashville Symphony Orchestra

This is an awe inspiring story and not to be missed.

The second part of the interview will focus on the book Harvey has written on Louis Braille’s music and the music of his students. This will be fascinating for those who read Braille and use Braille‚Äôs system for the notation of music.

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