Pride Connection Presents: Friendsgiving

Episode Notes

Blind LGBT Pride Int. Launched Pride Connection just a month before the plague known as COVID-19 ravaged its way into America and changed life as we all knew it. Over these 10 months we have presented many informative, introspective and forward thinking conversations and this week is no exception.

Is there room at the table this year for sides of joy and gratitude? Has the fatigue of the election and the massive efforts drained us all?? There have been so many moments of sadness and loneliness that it seems so very hard to fathom reasons to give thanks this year but PRIDE CONNECTION wants to find, embrace and share all the reasons we still have to be thankful.

We have not only one but multiple vaccines and new treatments up for review. We have a new strong and humble leader waiting to lead us out of the dark. BPI ad parent organization ACB found and flourished community in ways that will last long past the pandemic and of course we have each other.

Join Anthony, Leah and President Gabriel as Pride Connection finds the thanks in giving this year.

Listen Tuesday night at 10pm eastern on ACB Radio Mainstream or find it on podcast catchers under ACB Pride Connection

Post Script thank-you’s from Pride Connection : Jason and Debbie and all of the amazing folks of ACB Radio, it has been an incredible 10 months of Pride!

Tim Cumings and Byron Lee are incredible engineers who keep us sounding professional.

Eric Bridges and Dan Spoone who lead all of the leadership of ACB and have been so supportive of the sensitive topics we have tackled

Huge Thanks to every guest who has shared their thoughts, feelings and theemselves with Pride Connection.

Gratitude served with garnish to all BPI and ACB Members and to all of the listening audience who makes Pride Connection worth every hour spent making a show for us all to be proud of.

It may be hard to be as thankful this year but together it will be and has been a place for all of us to be exactly who we are with friends, family and allies who love us just as we are!!

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