Pride Connection for June 23, 2020 Presents – Laurel Hilbert: A story of determination, courage, and success

New BPI member Laurel joins us live this evening on Pride Connection to share his journey from a child growing up in Syria to his days spent working on the most recognizable hill in the world.

He is a proud supporter of homeless advocacy, a champion of human rights, and an eloquent speaker.

As we navigate through these turbulent times, his impactful story will intrigue us all and will motivate us to use one of the greatest privileges we have- VOTING!!

So join co-hosts Gabriel, Leah, and Anthony as we explore the life and journey of Laurel Hilbert.

Pride Connection airs on ACB Radio Mainstream every Tuesday at 10PM, repeating Wednesday at 10AM, and Sundays at 7AM and 7PM.

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