Pride Connection for May 26, 2020 – Working Blind in a Sighted World

Pride Connection Proudly presents… Working Blind in a Sighted World!

This week we have a dynamic panel of Blind Pride members who all work or have worked in diverse professions,. What they have in common is – working among and alongside sighted people.
Hosts Anthony Corona, Leah Gardner and President Gabriel Lopez Kafati are joined by…

  • Jessica Kell- A social worker in the addiction management field.
  • Scott Marshal- A lawyer with a storied professional resume.
  • John Denning- Who’s career path started with the police and ended with the IRS.
  • Dennis Sims- he also works with the IRS.
  • Maria Kristic- Who’s title starts with MBA and ends with Lawyer, she works for the state of NY.
  • Richard Marion- He has a rich history of working in sighted arenas.

What was it like to get the job? Was it challenging to work at the same level and what was getting accommodations like? We spoke about all that and so much more!
Want to know some of their more funny experiences?
Join us Tuesday night @ 10pm EST on ACB radio mainsttream
Or catch the replay on Wed. @10 am
Or Sunday @ both 7am/pm and, of course, right here on the podcast.

We want to keep the conversation going so please email us your thoughts and your own stories of working in the sighted world at-
[email protected]

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