Pride Connection for June 2, 2020 – Pride Connection Celebrates Pride Month!

Pride Connection Proudly Celebrates Pride Month

We begin with a fascinating show recounting the early days of our beloved organization.
Blind Pride started as a small meeting of like minded people just meeting, hanging out and supporting each other at conventions int the late 1990s. Fire, passion and dedication led to the eventual forming of Bflag the family who eventually became BPI!!
We were honored to be joined by founding members and not one but two amazing past ACB presidents.

Rob hill or founding father shares his recollections and storied journey.
Harvey Miller a dynamic founding member as well as Dwayne Estes, Leah Garner.
Paul Edwards and Chris Gray as the incoming and out going ACB presidents share their unique perspectives and recollections.

The road wasn’t always easy, but BPI is now one of the strongest and highly respected affiliates in the ACB family. We celebrate the beginning and the journey of 20 years strong!!

Pride Connection can be heard weekly on Tuesday nights @10pm on ACB radio mainstream
Or replayed Wednesday @ 10am and both 7am and pm on Sundays!
Please enjoy our month long pride programming and look for some great surprises along the way.

Questions, comments or feedback for the show can be emailed to-

[email protected]

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