Pride Connection for May 5, 2020 Proudly Presents member Dwayne Estes

Please join Pride Connection for the melody and cadence of Dwayne
Estes this Tuesday, May 5, at 10 PM EST on ACB Radio Mainstream.
Dwayne has been a lifelong professional musician and he was a founding
member of BPI in 1999. Dwayne discusses how he sustained his career
based on grit and determination. He also reflects on the changes in
his life as his visual acuity began to shift from legal blindness in
1996 to light perception in 2011. Dwayne conveys light and hope
through his words.

His CD, Blind Ambition, can be downloaded from Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music.

To hear the song Blind Ambition, visit:

Our amazing conversation went long, got very funny and a little more than PG rated… So we at pride connection decided to create a second string pride connection After show that we will post once the podcast is up and running or send out upon request via [email protected].
This special after show also includes the wonderful poetry slam recording by our very own Leah as discussed on the radio program!
We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to your feedback.

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