Pride Connection for May 12, 2020 Presents: Going Blind

On this week’s episode of Pride Connection, join us as we gain insight
in to the makings of a riveting documentary about sight loss that
mixes the personal and the educational. Joseph Lovett of Lovett
Productions, an acclaimed medical journalist and documentary film
director, released Going Blind in 2010. The movie was based on his
exploration of vision loss as glaucoma encroached on his limited
sight. He spoke to doctors, low vision specialists and intertwined
his story with candid discussions with other people who lost their
sight at various life stages. The documentary is compelling and
timeless in its message to both the medical community as well as the
general public. This film has been screened on many PBS stations
across America and at countless medical conferences to engage
ophthalmologists and other eye specialists in a discussion about
better assisting patients who are struggling with vision loss.

— Joe Lovett joins us along with Jessica Jones, one of the key guests
in his documentary. They speak about the making of the film, the
aftermath of its release and the hopes for societal change in dealing
more positively with vision loss.

The film, Going Blind, can be rented for $3.99 by visiting:
This film is available for rent in an audio described format.

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