Pride Connection for April 28, 2020 Presents a Conversation with member Leon

Pride Connection is proud to present a two-night event with BPI-member Leon Acord…
Starting Tuesday night at 10 PM or the replay Wednesday morning at 10 AM

We chat with Leon about his book, life and so many other interesting topics!

The conversation turned to politics and the need for us to all respect each other and one Republican that he holes in high… Very high regard!

It’s a fun conversation… And we celebrate the publication of his new book and resurgence in popularity of his web series, old dogs new tricks!
Join us for pride connection.

Anthonys review:
Raw, honest, witty and a fast-paced fun read I couldn’t stop the chuckles almost shed a few tears and was so glad I stayed up the last night of reading because I had to know how he would tie it all together. the wait was worth it in spades!!
Leon has a wicked witty way of turning a phrase and the only innocence protected here is a few changed names. from the relationship evolution with his father, the bumbling navigation of San Fran and the gay scene in the early 80s to that infamous BRADY debacle. I was hooked and impressed.

From the book release packet:
“A droll, oddly inspirational memoir from the actor Breitbart called “a gay leftist activist,” SUB-LEBRITY by Leon Acord (Old Dogs & New Tricks) is an honest, sometimes bitchy but always sincere story about growing up (very) gay in rural Indiana, achieving acting success outside the closet, and generating headlines with his very-public smackdown with Trump-loving Susan Olsen (Cindy, The Brady Bunch).” My ebook is now available for pre-order for April 21 delivery!…

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